Friday, January 31, 2014

of Short lived hopes.

You get an idea. Something you wanna  try out. Say a business idea. You're sure it's going to work. At this point the conviction in your head suppresses any feeling that it might be a flop. Myself I have been in this before. Our former dean was getting us to learn coldfusion for some 'project' which was forthcoming. A lecturer aske
Having gathered a number of his students to his room he goes ahead to explain how it's going to be huge and all of us are going to reap from it. Of course that is true. Had it gone that way I'd be frequenting silicon valley for every 2 or 3 tech meetups. Hamburg would have become a name I associate with a city with lots of techies stuff and not a close-relative of the stomach. Well at least that is how it felt. There was much to gain both for me personally the clients whom we'd be serving at a fraction of what it costs them to get similar service. In fact even you who is reading this wouldn't have the agony of typing that long word on my domain. I'd have gone to the extent of buying me a professional domain name and even better, I'd get a url shortener so that you only have to type 6 characters and PAP you're here [As if being here is a life goal.] So much for painting heaven, now let's get back to reality.

I don't believe there's such a thing as 'false hopes'. I choose to call them 'short-lived hopes' I have had these
The point I'm trying to drive is that at the start of something all seems clear. When inspiration knocks and one's spirits are lifted it feels like the sweet end only without the challenges (some unforeseen) that come in between. I remember a quote I once read from Anne Morrow's Gifts From The Sea that the first of every relationship is pure.

"for the first of every relationship is pure,whether it is with friend or lover, husband or child" - Anne Morrow Lindbergh [Gifts from the sea]
Tuckman's theory of group forming agrees with that. The forming part is where everyone avoids conflict. It's up until people have known each others weaknesses and abilities that they are able to co-exist in harmony and tolerance. The thing is to keep focused in keeping the projects alive and always hopeful for better things. Staying afloat is the least you can do if you're waiting for the next opportunity.  eeeeeerm. Okay I lost my trail of thought. Sorry

Guitar Video.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy new year. It's never that serious

In Fact the first message I should convey is happy mashujaa day. Happy Kenya @ 50, Merry Christmass and finally happy new year amidst happy birthdays happy TGIF, happy weekend and happy afternoon.
I have really been a lousy blogger for the better part of last year. Seems it's taken me 6 months+ to learn a two minute thing. I wrote it on my last post. It was embedding so you can be sure i didn't even have content to put here.
This new year I hope i will be more diligent in stuff i should be diligent in. Stuff I once started having 'seen the light'.
This year it's all about Christ, Code and Chords(and sometimes other interests-- It's my personal blog anyway so it's never that serious).  So once in a while I'll share a guitar piece on my instagram, youtube, Showcase an application or share a real life testimony testimony.

To start this I'll share this video of a tune my brother and I created yesterday evening. He was on the keyboard and my on the guitar

Above all I pray that you all have a blessed year.
ttyl -1